Ramadan Special Foods Image

Ramadan Special Foods

People specially prepare Ramadan special foods during Sehri (called suhoor) and Aftaar with a variety of meals, beverages and desserts. … Read More

why Islamabad is famous Faisal Mosque Image

Why Islamabad is famous?

Many people ask why Islamabad is famous? Well, it is the most popular place for both local tourists and foreigners the most beautiful place. … Read More

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Mountain Biking in Islamabad

Let’s discuss something about mountain biking in Islamabad the second most beautiful capital in the world and home to beautiful mountains. … Read More

Pakistani Startups Boom NIC-Image

Pakistani Startups Boom

In recent times there is a Pakistani startups boom. The Covid-19 pandemic makes many people jobless and ultimately forces people to initiate startups for earning. Due to the rapidly changing dynamics of the world, e-commerce gained huge fame in Pakistan. … Read More

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Most Expensive Sector in Islamabad

In our blog post for the most expensive sector in Islamabad, we will discuss the ones in the world’s beautiful capital of the world. … Read More

Fatima Jinnah Park Image used for our postIslamabad Parks and Horticulture

Islamabad Parks and Horticulture

Speaking about Islamabad parks and horticulture there are many of them. These are apart from green patches and wildlife sanctuaries are also famous for leisure activities. … Read More

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Top 3 Shopping Malls in Islamabad

In our blog post for the top 3 shopping malls in Islamabad. This is the capital city of Pakistan full of bustling life, traditions, natural beauty, culture, liveliness, and natural beauty. … Read More

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The Rise of Islamabad Property and Real Estate

There is a boom in the Islamabad property and real estate market exhibiting variations in property shopping for tendencies in a novel method. Here, the investment exercise continued in selective housing societies that had room for additional growth in charges … Read More

Top 3 parks in Islamabad, Fatima Jinnah Park's baradari evening view

Top 3 Parks in Islamabad

In our blog post for “top 3 parks in Islamabad”, we will take a deep dive into the famous parks located in this beautiful capital of Pakistan … Read More

Image of a street is the beautiful capital in the world Islamabad

Why Islamabad is considered a beautiful capital city in the world?

A leading magazine, CN Traveler, in his article ranked Islamabad the most beautiful capital city in the world. The name means “The City of Islam” is situated in Pothohar Plateau. It has a population of almost 1,129,000. Islamabad has lush … Read More