What is a suite room?

When we look for hotel accommodation, there are many options like hotel rooms and suites. Both are not the same there is a key difference. The nature of suites is different in different hotels. It is very important to highlight the nature of suites and room differences from one hotel to another. So let’s delve further into what is a suite room.

Generally, a suite is a set of rooms with many other facilities. This includes the kitchen and living rooms. However, in many hotels, it is just a large room without a kitchen and other rooms. So before hotel booking, it is very essential to check what kind of suites the hotel offers. Comparatively, the room does not have the luxurious facilities that suites offer. General suites have a separate kitchen, separate bedroom, kitchen, and some even offices. That’s why suites often give the look of an apartment.

There are different kinds of suites like bridal suites, presidential suites, and comfort suites. Presidential Suites are the most luxurious suites offered by hotels. It is spread almost 300 sq feet to 3000 sq feet and more. The following are different kinds of suites:

The Suite

It is basically a large apartment of separate bedrooms with attached bathrooms and a dining area as well. It is the most common suite preferred by families traveling with young kids for a living.

The Junior Suite

These suites are smaller than larger and mostly don’t have a separate partition between bedrooms. These are extensions of bedroom space and mostly don’t have separate bedrooms and dining areas. The important thing about these suites is they have low prices than regular.

What is a Suite Room?

Hotel room compares to suites is smaller and has fewer facilities. It has mostly king-size single or two queen beds, an attached bathroom, a TV, a chair, a writing desk, and a dresser. Hotel room facility varies and depends mostly on the charges. Many hotels now provide additional facilities like free WI-FI, hairdryer, coffee maker, etc. some also provides minibar and movie on payment.

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