Islamabad beauty

Why Islamabad is so beautiful is because it has all the ingredients that amaze you and forces you to fall in love. Pakistan is a country on the world map full of culture, religious, and historic sites from Karachi to Lahore and Islamabad. But the capital Islamabad takes the honor of being the most beautiful and amazing city. Before we fall into the discussion that which city is more beautiful, let me clear one thing here. All cities have their own distinction which makes them different from each other.

However, the question remains why Islamabad is so beautiful as compared to the other cities in Pakistan

Natural beauty, cleanliness, and beautiful infrastructure attract foreign tourists to visit this city. Here are some more reasons which make it attractive:-

Rain and city combination

City is situated in the center of a series of beautiful mountains surrounded by Margallah Hills and full of greenery. Because of the huge plantations, rain is very often in the city. The pouring of rain from glorious mountain enhance the beauty and make the city mesmerizingly beautiful.

This city is extraordinary clean

Islamabad being the capital is more clean compares to other cities in the country. People came around the world to attend conferences that make it compulsory to look neat and clean.

Small and socially connected

The city as compared to others is small and newly constructed. People mostly came from other cities for jobs and settled here over a period of time. Initially, the population was very less but now expanding. However, the city is still not yet crowded compared to Lahore and Karachi. People are very soft-spoken and socially connected as well.

Stunning Margalla Hills

Margallah hills increase the beauty of the city and attract tourism. People often on weekend plan hiking in marvelous mountains and explore the amazing natural beauty.

Shopping Mall

The city has the latest and most modern shopping malls like Centaurs Mall and Safa Gold where not only locals but foreigners also visit for shopping.

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So if you want to enjoy and see the beauty of Islamabad, plan your visit, book your stay in the best hotel in Islamabad Bella and enjoy your trip.

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