Top 3 parks in Islamabad, Fatima Jinnah Park's baradari evening view

In our blog post for “top 3 parks in Islamabad”, we will take a deep dive into the famous parks located in this beautiful capital of Pakistan

Fatima Jinnah Park

One of the biggest recreational public parks in Islamabad is F-9 Park also known as Fatima Jinnah Park which is spread across the whole F-9 sector. Park is just a little smaller than New York’s Central Park designed by Michael Japero and inaugurated in 1992.

The Park is also known for recreational activities because it has a sports zone of standard length with a swimming pool, snooker, table tennis, and mega-zone complex which has facilities for arcade games, bowling, laser tag, and other games. It also has fast food and dining areas and a shopping area for visitors like clothes, computer CDs/ DVDs, etc. Park also has McDonald’s outlet within the vicinity for the visitors. Because the Fatima Jinnah Park is very huge various regular festivals and exhibitions are also held here.

Rose and Jasmine Garden, the second one among the top 3 parks in Islamabad

Among famous parks in Islamabad is Rose and Jasmine Garden located near Sports Complex Aabpara and within the recreational area of Shakarparian. The area is wide and covered with a variety of colors. As the name reflects, the majority of garden covering flowers are roses and jasmines. Islamabad is famous for its parks and different hiking tracks. If you are ever fed up with routine boring life then different hill stations in Islamabad are the best escape from regular life. The garden is under Capital development authority control and accessible through Pakistan Monument road.

Different flower exhibitions and events are also planned here. Park is also very large and has the following facilities:-

Picnic point
Walking track
Cafeteria (Dhaba)
Cycling track
Parking area

Lake View Park

The third most beautiful park located in the heart of Islamabad is Lake View Park located on the bank of Rawal dam, one of the largest dams in Pakistan. The park is not a traditional park but also has a wildlife collection. Park also has an area for children to play with different swings and a motorsports track. It also has a large collection of different kinds of birds.

Parks have the following points to enjoy:

Picnic point
Sitting areas
Boating arena on Saturday
Motorsports ranch
Passenger road train
Fishing area
Rock climbing gym
Festival arena
Paintball battlefield
Horse riding mobs

Do not forget that you can enjoy shopping in Islamabad too apart from recreation.

These are among the top 3 parks in Islamabad usually preferred for recreation by people from all spheres of life.

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