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In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is one of the pillars and most favorite months of Muslims. It is a period of thirty days and sometimes 29 days linked with moon sighting. In the Islamic calendar, it is in ninth place, and the Muslim fast between sunset and sunrise in this month. People specially prepare Ramadan special foods during Sehri (called suhoor) and Aftaar. Every country and region has some specific favorite food in Ramadan. There is a variety of meal courses along with beverages and desserts.

However, in Ramadan, there is some common food all over the world. This month people love to do more charity. During the whole day, there is a restriction on eating. Islam also gives exemption to young children, pregnant women, the elderly, and sick people from fasting. During this month, people try to leave bad habits and spend more time in prayers and reciting Quran. Family gatherings during the last ten days also increase this month. Following are some dishes and beverages we have selected made in Ramadan.


Dates are one of the most favorite and common items at the Aftaar table. These are available in different forms like natural and stuffed. It is high in fiber, vitamin B-6, and potassium. People prefer to open fast with dates.

Lemo Pani

Lemo Pani is the second most served item in Ramadan. As people have not taken a single sip of water in a whole day, that’s why the water thirst level is very high.


In the Subcontinent, samosas are the most popular item to serve in Aftaar. There is a different kinds of fritters. It is made with potatoes, mutton and also vegetables.

Dahi Bhalay

Another main item during iftar is Dahi Bhalay. These lentil dumplings are soaked in a yogurt sauce laced with spices and chilies.


In the subcontinent, pakoras are very popular in Ramadan and also a favorite of people on other days. There are different kinds of pakoras, like vegetables, chicken, and potatoes. Different chattiness makes them yummier.

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