Image of a street is the beautiful capital in the world Islamabad

A leading magazine, CN Traveler, in his article ranked Islamabad the most beautiful capital city in the world. The name means “The City of Islam” is situated in Pothohar Plateau. It has a population of almost 1,129,000. Islamabad has lush green, astonishingly attractive picnic spot and offers heartbreaking views of the mountains. The city enjoys four seasons that is summer, winter, autumn, and fall. According to the citizen, the city also has one more season that is the rainy monsoon season. Islamabad’s weather is highly unpredictable because of its location.

The city has the best places for tourists to come and spend a good time. Apart from the beautiful hill view, the city also has good restaurants. It also has hotels, shopping malls, and beautiful parks and sightseeing areas. With respect to education, the city also has top-class schools, colleges, universities, and hotels for outstation students. Due to the combination of weather and mesmerizing city view, it is the best place to visit.

All cities of Pakistan own culture. There are worth seeing places, from Karachi to Lahore to Islamabad. However, the capital of Pakistan has the edge over the rest of the cities. As we all know it has a great infrastructure and breathtaking natural wonders which attract foreign tourists as well.

Why Islamabad is a beautiful capital city in the world, here are some of the reasons:-

Beautiful Islamabad Rain

The weather in Islamabad is unpredictable and the scene during the rain of this city is just out of this world. If you have visited in the mist-filled winters and found it beautiful then do plan your visit in monsoons, the rain over the Margallah hills makes the view more mesmerizing.

This city is way too clean

The city owns luscious scenery. Many foreign delegates and heads of the states frequently visit and enjoy the clean and aesthetic environment which is definitely a treat for the eyes.

Less Populated compared to other cites

The population of Islamabad is almost 2 million. Therefore the city has less crowd compared to Lahore and Islamabad and is well connected. But now as this city has become business hub people are shifting from other cities, traffic on roads and population is increasing. The people of the city are very calm and well educated. There are many 5 star hotels in Islamabad for staying and enjoying your tour.

Stunning Margalla Hills

City also has many hiking tracks to travel miles among the marvelous mountains. On weekends people in group form also plan hiking and paragliding to enjoy and explore the amazing natural beauty of the city.

The Friday Prayer at the Faisal Mosque

The city also has one of the best Muslim world mosques e.g. Faisal Mosque and its visit is a treat to watch the Muslim architecture because of its novel design.

Shopping at the awesome Centaurus Mall

Initially, the city has few markets but over the period of time, many shopping malls have been constructed with amazing architecture which catches the attention of the visitors like Giga mall, Centaurus, Safa gold, etc.

We hope that you have got some valuable insights from our post “why Islamabad is the beautiful capital city in the world”. Stay intact with us as your preferred hotel in Islamabad to enjoy touring this beautiful city.

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