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Islamabad is the most beautiful capital of the world. People love to travel this part and enjoy some delicious food along with the scenery. There are many buffet Islamabad places to consider. A dinner buffet is always a perfect opportunity for a team. It gives you chance to spend some precious time with friends and family over a delicious dinner. The city provides you with a lot of opportunities starting from Chinese to Continental cuisine and Central Asian.

Here we have short-listed some of the best buffet places in Islamabad that someone must try. Many buffet places are located where you along with delicious food also enjoy the perfect scenery.

Rakaposhi Heights Restaurant

Rakaposhi Heights is a Chinese and Afghani restaurant placed in the heart of Islamabad. They have an extensive menu and offer roof-top space for dinner buffets. Their specialty is in Afghani and Chinese dishes that serve the buds quite well. They also have a live BBQ facility. Families who have visited this place offer good reviews for the food and place.

Arabian’s Chef

One of the best restaurants in the city for the family function is Arabian’s Chef. Their welcoming staff, atmosphere, and variety of cuisines will have your mouth watery. Their staff is very welcoming, family environment and delicious food will make your mouth watery. Restaurants offer a variety of dishes with an outdoor dinner buffet. Their menu is very extensive with live BBQ, salads, and a variety of chattiness.

MeiKong Chinese Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant in the city MeiKong Chinese Restaurant offers you quality food no matter at which time you visit. It offers you chines dishes with perfect presentation, food color, fragrance, and taste.

La Montana Restaurant: Another Buffet Islamabad Place to Consider

The restaurant is located in Margalla hills and gives a beautiful view of the city. It is a famous place for the locals and visitors to have dinner. They offer you a variety of dishes starting with a serving of soup and a live station.

So if you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the capital and the buffet of different hotels, come book a room in Hotel Bella Islamabad and enjoy your trip.

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