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Let’s discuss something about mountain biking in Islamabad. The word terrorism still affects Pakistan’s economy negatively, unfortunately. Secondly media extremism on the other hand show less positive thing about the country. A country which gifted series of world magnificent mountain ranges has a lot to explore and highlight to the world. In the foothills of Margalla hills, covered with herbaceous plants, green trees, and rocks, Islamabad is the second most beautiful capital in the world and home to beautiful mountains. Forest in the mountains is the natural habitat for many animals and birds.

For Mountain Biking in Islamabad, everything is naturally set

Islamabad is a planned city as compared to other cities in Pakistan and has many hiking tracks. Every day and especially on weekends people after their hectic routine, spare some time for hiking on one of many hiking tracks on Margalla hills. There are many biking trails in the neighborhood for the ultimate adventure. Along with walking and biking trails, there are many climbing sites where people enjoy rappelling and bouldering. Every year many people belonging from different countries in a group plan a hiking activity and explore the importance of Margalla hills. If you have a plan to visit Islamabad then don’t forget to pack your bicycle along with you for a biking adventure.

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Mountain biking in Islamabad is one of the best adventures you can do. There are many hidden biking tracks like trail 6. It started from E-11 from the back of Faisal Mosque and reach the Monal restaurant. The forest is very thick and on this track, you touch a point Jabbi Gali, from where you can go down to village Talhaar towards the east you touch the Pir Sohawa road. There are many other biking tracks from simple to ultimate toughest with technical descents. In short Margallah hills has so much to offer to evaluate the check skills of everyone at different levels.

Bella hotel offers the best place to stay in Islamabad and enjoy a biking adventure. The Forest department has also made possible this place for camping.

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