most expensive sector in Islamabad

In our blog post for the most expensive sector in Islamabad, we will discuss the ones in the world’s beautiful capital. The city’s plan is not an old one and real estate prices in Islamabad were never been low. People are shifting from other cities because of schools, universities, and jobs. Prices in the old town are much higher as compared to the new area. Because there are all facilities gas, electricity and water available there. Commercial properties are more expensive than a residential one.

Some in the class of the most expensive sector in Islamabd

There are many sectors where foreigners like, diplomats, workers are residents. This leads to an increase in the price of the property. Sectors like F-5, F-6, F-7, F-8, E-7, G-5 are posh sectors. And the prices of property in these sectors are very high. Secondly, the size of the plot is also larger. You can only find 1,2 and 4 Kanal houses in these sectors. Small size houses like 10, 12 marlas are not easy to find in these sectors. The average price of 1 Kanal house in the sector is around 10-12 crore. These sectors are expensive also because they have all the facilities, banks, hotels, shopping malls, and many diplomat offices.

And the most expensive sector in Islamabad

If we list down from the above sectors, E-7 is the most expensive sector of Islamabad. It has many diplomat offices, houses are big and well developed. Daman e Koh famous spot and Margallah hills in the neighbor. Said Pur village a famous picnic spot is closer to it.

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F-6 is the second most expensive sector in Islamabad. The sector has the most expensive market kohsaar and supermarket where diplomats and foreigners do shopping. Three major roads 7th Avenue, Margallah road, and Constitution Avenue touched the sectors.

So E-7 is the most expensive sector in Islamabad. To learn more about Islamabad updates, best hotels, picnic places, shopping malls, keep visiting the Bella Hotel Islamabad website.

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