How is Islamabad for a Living

Let’s walk through some of the aspects that determine how is Islamabad for a living.

Education in Islamabad

Being a capital, the city has rich education facilities. It has government, semi-government and private sector institutions. Male and female students got equal opportunities for education. Standards vary in institutions because of different curricula teaching. Students have various options to choose from. There are prestigious educational institutions as well in the city. They have high standards and merits. Froebel’s international school is popular among both within and international students. A similar institution is root schooling which teaches the British education system.

Healthcare in Islamabad: A Prime Reason in Islamabad for a Living

City also has a good health care infrastructure for the public. Public and private sector health facilities are available. In government hospitals, there is a lack of health facilities. Treatment at government hospitals is less expensive that’s why more people prefer to visit government hospitals. In private hospitals, like Shifa International Hospital, and Quaid–e-Azam International Hospital, world standard health facilities are provided. But treatment in these hospitals is very expensive and not possible for everyone to avail. It is therefore paramount to provide all the citizens with health facilities without any class difference.

Culture and Leisure

The city is also blessed with rich different cities and Islamic cultures. It comprises beautiful buildings and mosques. This includes Pakistan Monument and Faisal Mosque. Apart from this, there is also another natural spot that is worth watching and not available in other cities of Pakistan. For culture lovers, Lok Virsa is another place where representation from different cities of Pakistan is displayed.

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