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The hotel industry, during the Covid-19 Pandemic, faced many restrictions and temporarily closed but now there is hotel reopening after Covid with revival. But the re-opening process is not easy, there are many challenges and measures required to put away virus transmission.

Following are some aspects in place in terms of hotel reopening after Covid:

Local Requirements

Each country has its own requirement and guideline. Different countries allow the opening of hotels in different phases. So first of all you need to check your local administration guideline, in which phase they have a plan to open the hotel industry. How many guests you can entertain, indoor, outdoor restrictions, etc.

Develop consent forms

Once your hotel is reopened, in the first stage you need to develop a consent form. The form will help you to keep a written record of the guest’s medical history, and health and at the same time speed up the screening process. This form will help you to get information about covid-19 vaccinations as well. You can add as many details as required in this form.

Staff screening and temperature checks

Before implementing restrictions on guests, it is very important to make an SOP for your own staff. Each member of staff should pass through screening, maintain social distancing and ensure that temperature has been checked. This will keep both employees and visitors safe from viruses. If during checking found an employee with a temperature, send him home and don’t allow him in the hotel until he is virus negative.

Physical distancing

A major step to take is to maintain physical distancing. Health officials recommend having at least six feet distance between two people and where the setup is large it is more important. Installing a physical barrier can help this where it is difficult to maintain six feet. Posters and signs can also remind employees to maintain physical distance.

Use of Sanitizer

The use of sanitizer makes it easy for the employees. This can be done by assigning everyone a small bottle and putting it in some common places in the hotel.

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