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People ask about where is Islamabad on a map. Well, the city is at the northern edge of the Potwar (Pothohar) Plateau. It has an elevation of 540 m (1,770 ft), south of the Margalla Hills.

Islamabad is the capital city of Pakistan and with respect to its history, it is not a very much old city. In 1960, Ayub Government shifted the capital from Karachi to Islamabad since then it has been experiencing growth in all sectors and has become a significant commercial and economic center in the region.

Additionally, with the shift of capital from Karachi to Islamabad it has become the center of politics as well along with business, science, and cultural activities. The city has vast potential in research and development, information technology, space, shipping, and forest which contributes substantially to the total revenue of the country.

Likewise, over the period of time city has developed infrastructure and has a very good strategic location with the newly constructed airport as well. The city has a natural beauty and is one of the most beautiful capital in the world.

Where is Islamabad on a map: Quick Facts

Country: Pakistan

Founded: 1960s

Established: 14 August 1967

Area (metro): 233.00 km2

Status: Capital Territory

Climate: Humid Subtropical

Location: North-east of Pakistan

Time zone: UTC+5

Postcode: 44000

Area code: 051

Urban: 220.15 km2

Metro: 1385.5 km2

Highest Elevation: 1585 m

Lowest: 490 m

Density: 2,089/km2

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