Saag Top Pakistani Food Names Not To Miss Image

Pakistan is a country with a culture and amazing people. Things that make it unique are clothing, rituals, spirituality, traditions, and a mixture of colorful things. Despite a lot of differences, the question is what brings the whole world together. Yes, different kind of food brings people together. Apart from food, there are a lot of things that foreigners love about Pakistan. Food is one of them because people are crazy about its perfection apart from being technology lovers. That is why we decided to mention top Pakistani food names not to miss here.

Pakistan each province and even the village has its unique dishes and culture. When these unique cultures mix up they come up with an extremely colorful combo. Each city has a bunch of people who has separate food taste. Here we have summarized some delicious dishes of Pakistan famous in different parts of the country.


Nihari is the famous dish of Punjab and people love to have it in nashta, especially on weekends. It is a blend of 21 herbs, mixed with mutton and served with naan, ginger, green chilies, and onion. Nihari is an Indian dish but plays a big part in Pakistani cuisine. Famous nihari places are Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.

Karahi: One of the top Pakistani Food Names

Karahi dish originated in the sub-continent and is famous for its herbs, spices, and amazing taste. It is a cuisine that may have anyone of the chicken, mutton, and beef. It is served with naan, ginger, and chilies. Boneless karahi is one of the favorites. Butt karahi in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is also famous. If you are staying in Bella hotel Islamabad then it is just ten minutes away. You can visit and enjoy the delicious food.


Saag is the favorite dish of villagers and is served with Makai ki roti. It is a green leaf vegetable consisting of more than 7 herbs and typically made in ghee. Other ingredients include onion, chilies, cheese, and masala.

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