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Recently I have visited Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan, and found it a very beautiful and perfect tourism city. There are many things I miss about Islamabad. The city has many scopes for tourism and has everything to entertain the visitors. I am sharing my experience of this city and the thing missing already. I was already confused about where to start because it has lots of things to write but definitely would keep it precise and interesting.

The Real Nature

A city full of real nature, greenery with incredible Margalla Hills Mountains. According to the wildlife department, it is the resident of wild cats, deer, and extraordinary birds with different colors and sounds,s and beauty. It has lots of tracks for walking and you got the opportunity to experience different pounds and adjoin walking tracks. If you got the opportunity to go on trail 3, it is breathtaking but worth full because you got the opportunity you see the nature of Islamabad from the top. The weather in Islamabad during winter is very cold and mild/pleasant during summer. Islamabad is lucky in the sense that you can get the opportunity to experience four seasons.

The Monkeys: Another among things I miss about Islamabad

The city has special macaque monkeys which are found in central Asia and you found them all the way to China. These monkeys are very clever. They don’t bother visitors but if you tease them then they will respond back strongly and others also help them. They happily accept eating items if you offer them like nuts, oranges, bananas, and apples.

The Food

The city has many spots with spicy food. It is prepared with fresh natural ingredients and with love. Here you can find different kinds of food from daisy to continental, Chinese and street food as well. People came from different parts of the country, therefore, you can find all city tastes as well. Like banu pulao, Lahori channay, Sindhi biryani, Afghani chicken, etc. you can also get the opportunity to taste Chinese food in Islamabad. The city has very good hotels with Hi-Tea with a combination of local and foreign dishes.

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The Lifestyle

Lifestyle in the city is not less than billionaires. While staying in the hotel they will assist you where to visit. Will provide you with room cleaning service and cab service with nominal charges to visit the city. People in the city are very modest and help at the same time.

These are some of the things I miss about Islamabad. If you want to enjoy this beautiful city and taste good food, book your reservation in Bella hotel and share your good experience.

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