Tallest Buildings in Pakistan Post Image of Centaurus Mall Islamabad

Let’s talk about some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan. We all know that it is the fastest developing country in South Asia. In recent two years, we have seen progress in each sector. Government encouraging people to invest more in real state, IT and agriculture sector. That’s high rise building with the modern architecture we are able to see in different cities and the trend is on the upper side. Tourism in-country is promoting and people prefer to visit places where there is scenery and skyscraper building.

Initially, there was only one skyscraper building in Pakistan in Karachi Habib Bank Plaza built in 1963. Now there are more than 20 high-rise buildings in the country with modern architecture. Most of the buildings are in Karachi however other big cities like Islamabad and Karachi also have some of them.

Following are some of the tallest buildings in Pakistan

Bahria Tower — Karachi

Bahria Icon Tower is in Karachi with 320 meters in height. It has 70 floors and considers the largest building in Pakistan. It has many shopping malls and residential apartments inside.

Bakht Tower — Karachi

This beautiful tower was completed in 2015. It has a height of 145m and has 27 floors.

Ocean Towers — Karachi

This building is near Clifton and gives a beautiful view from the seaside. Its old name was Sofitel hotel plaza and took seven-year to complete. The cost of this project is 7 billion rupees and it has 30 floors with 120m in height.

Ufone Tower — Islamabad

In Islamabad, we have the Ufone tower on the list in Blue Area. It has 113m in height and has 24 floors. It was started in 2005 by Pakistan Telecommunication Trust and completed in 2011. Many public and private company offices are there. Nespak engineering company was behind its design.

Centaurus Mall — Islamabad

When you enter Islamabad you can see three skyscraper buildings all interconnected to the shopping mall. It has 32 floors with 110m in height. The total cost of the project is $350 million. It is considered the largest mall in Pakistan where all shopping brands and food corners are available.

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