Rawalpindi Tourism Attraction Spots: Saddar

Rawalpindi is a vibrant city of Pakistan located between Punjab and Azad Kashmir. It is located next to Islamabad and is also known as the sister city of Islamabad. There are a lot of Rawalpindi tourism attraction spots too like Islamabad. It has more charming colonial buildings, congested markets, colorful bazaars which always attract tourists.

More foreign tourists opt to visit this city due to its rich heritage that’s why tourism developed with the passage of time. Another factor that contributes to tourism enhancement is the availability of good five-star hotels and guest rooms at a low cost. These are located at the center of the city and famous visiting point from these hotels are easy to move.

A few of Top Rawalpindi Tourism Attraction Spots

Liaquat Bagh

Liaquat Bagh is one of the famous points in Rawalpindi which attracts foreign and local tourists because of its green verdure. Previously known as company Bagh but after the assassination of Liaqat Ali khan, it was renamed as Liaquat Bagh. It is also famous because of political gatherings and speeches held here. It is filled with beautiful flowers. You will find many people doing jogging in the morning.

Eating Points

Because of the historic and old city, it has very famous eating places. The city has a famous food street where you can find any kind of good food with full of taste. Starting from the morning, you can get nashta of siri paye, nihari, halwa puri, Nan chanay and day time, savor, biryani and shinwari as well.

Shopping Places

It has many good places for shopping and Bara Market is the most famous for tourists. Next is Sadar market which is more versatile and easily approaches the market located on Mall Road. Here you will feel the real energetic life of the city as well.

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Over the city has a lot to offer from a tourism and archaeological point of view, so if you want to have a good one-day trip to Rawalpindi then book your stay in Bella hotel and enjoy memories your trip.

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