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Islamabad is one of the beautiful capital also has wonderful places to visit. Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad is one of the famous and beautiful parks of the capital where you can enjoy natural birds collection, boating a variety of swings for children, and good time with family. No doubt about it people you little bit about the park, but here I am going to tell you about his location, history, an authority who is looking after it and the purpose to build it which may have not been informed you before.

Background of Rawal Lake View Park Islamabad

In 1962, it was built for the purpose of the reservoir by the Punjab Government during Ayub Khan era. The purpose was to fulfill the needs of water of twin city people. Later it was converted into a park and credit goes to the sincere effort of CDA chairman Kamran Lashari who reshaped it into a recreational spot. Secondly, it helps to maintain the underground water level in the cities.


Rawal Lake Park is at the bank of Rawal dam, near village Malpur. The Lake covers various blooming trees, confined ways, outing spots, and covers an 8.8sq ft region.

Authority to look after Park

The Capital Development Authority CDA is looking after the park administrative matters. There are 230 staff members in different field employees on a regular and contract basis responsible for recreation activities in the park. All credit goes to the working member who has maintained the park well and it looks like not less than paradise in the mid of the capital.

Lack View Park as a Recreational Park

It is one of the top picnic stops in Islamabad which attracts many tourists from local and international. Tourists from other cities and countries often come and visit this place. Bella hotel Islamabad is 25 min away from the park and the best place for the tourist to stay and enjoy a good meal. It is one of the busiest places on weekend for the local resident to enjoy a good time away from busy life. The addition of a park along the lake, adds more beauty to the lake. Park is spread over a wide area and a very good place to arrange various cultural programs. Following facilities in the park make it one of the popular tourist places in Islamabad:

Fountains and a variety of flowers.

Open BBQ facility with sitting area.

Fishing and boating facility.

Kids playing area.

Passenger road train and Golf carts.

Largest aviary with different types of birds.

Paintball Battlefield Islamabad.

F1 track.

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