F7 Markaz among Places To Visit In Islamabad On A Bicycle

Winter in Islamabad is almost here. The city which is the most beautiful capital in the world has very cold and foggy nights. When you want to enjoy nature and autumn at the same time and you don’t have something to travel for a soup or coffee place then cycling is one of the cheapest ways in a city like Islamabad to utilize for the ride and visit so many places. Following are some of the places to visit in Islamabad on a bicycle.

F-7 Markaz

People living around F7 can reach F7 Markaz in less than 5 minutes. There are many restaurants and eating places where you can enjoy the beautiful winter. Food like Jessie’s burger and Bon appetite, steaks, and wild wings is another option which you can in the markaz. Cycling in winter really helps you to work out and maintain your physical fitness.

Rose and Jasmine Garden as one of the top places to visit in Islamabad on a Bicycle

The second best place in winter to enjoy is Rose and Jasmine Garden near Aabpara. If you are fed up with routine life and really want to enjoy some time with nature then you cannot find a better place and easy to reach on a bicycle. Here you can witness different kinds of flowers and get the opportunity to see nature from the naked eye.

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Faisal Mosque

One of the most beautiful mosques in the world has a dedicated bicycle route from Kohsar Ground to Hunted hills and then all the way to Islamabad. A trip to Faisal Mosque on a bicycle is really mesmerizing. There is a lot of scenery all the way to the mosque. If you are staying in the Bella hotel Islamabad then it will take you less than 25 to reach the spot and enjoy the majestic architecture from inside.

These are not the only three places to visit in Islamabad on a bicycle. You can visit many more. It depends upon where you are living and which picnic spot or place is near to you.

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