Lake view park image among picnic points in Islamabad

There are many picnic points in Islamabad. The city is normally full of wedding season, deserted streets, and overdose with dry fruits and soup. It has all the beautiful colors of nature and so forth a reason to go for a picnic.

Following are the top picnic points in Islamabad

The Rose and Bush Gardens

The garden is famous for having a roses collection of more than 250 types and it attracts people not only from the country but from around the planet as well. Different kinds of flowers show organized here. It is the best to place for those people who feel comfortable passing time with nature. One day trip with some snacks will be delightful for you.

Lake View Park

The famous Rawal lake park is located at the bank of Rawal Dam. During the spring season, different kinds of birds move to this area and it is pleasure to spend time with them and enjoy nature. It has a specific bird section where you can have a look at many kinds of birds. Park also has a cooking area where you can cook live food and enjoy it in the sunshine. For children lots of swings and slides where they can have a fun time.

Japanese Park and Marghazar Zoological Garden

Japanese park and Marghazar zoo are virtually located adjacent to each other. During the spring season animals came out of their hibernation and worth witnessing them. Zoo has many different types of animals from including tigers and different reptiles and it will definitely be fun to spend time in Islamabad zoo. Next to the zoo, you can witness the Japanese park which has many different types of obstacles and slides for children. Park is definitely an excellent opportunity for the kids to enjoy a good day and enjoy the serenity around them.

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So to witness and enjoy the beautiful spring season of Islamabad, make your picnic plan for 2/3 days, book your room in Bella hotel and make your lifetime memories in top picnic points in Islamabad.

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