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The mealtimes in traditional Pakistani families is none other than a display of rich Pakistani food culture. Family members sit together at the dining table and talk about their daily activities. In old days, there were huge family gatherings with siblings, cousins together and enjoying precious time with food. A dining table there was not just only a main dish like curry, vegetables, but also accompanied with hot roti, Chatni, salads, Raita, and spices. Most people love to have one sweet dish with the main dish. If they don’t find the sweet dishes on the table, they don’t consider the menu is complete.

In Pakistan, three-time of meal that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner but some families added “sham ki chai” in the meal as well. In most countries, these are also the timing, but Pakistani diversity of food, dishes, and flavors makes it unique. We will start with the breakfast menu what Pakistani breakfast offers.

Breakfast/Nashta as a health part of Pakistani Food Culture

Breakfast or Nashta word came from Urdu is the first meal considered in Pakistan. Normally in Pakistan people loves to do breakfast with Paratha, chai, yogurt, Naan Channay, and eggs. On weekend desi people make their breakfast special do it with halwa puri, Allo Paratha, Paye, and nihari with lassi. Some people also like to do it light breakfast with chai rusk and Jam double Roti.

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These are the formal dishes that are mostly offered in Pakistani breakfast. There are some other leftover dishes like curry with roti and chapatti in the breakfast. Chapati with curry is really a blessing in breakfast. If you are staying in Bella hotel Islamabad, here you can also enjoy a delicious breakfast hotel menu including halwa puri, Naan Channay, and many more.

I hope this writing will help you to better understand the Pakistani food culture. This brief reading will encourage you to look more at Pakistani food and cuisine.

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