An image of Murree among Most Popular Hill Stations in Pakistan

Let’s walk through some of the most popular hill stations in Pakistan. The word hill station means place located at some heights or higher altitude. In past, European rulers set up their towns and rest areas at these heightened places to avoid the scorching heat. The temperature at these locations is normally cooler in comparison to lower places. Cold climate is not the only benefit but this location provides a good vacation experience to the people living in close proximity. These hill stations are good attraction point for foreign tourist. Moreover, as the number of tourist increase, the financial prosperity of these stations increases.

Hill Stations

Pakistan is very blessed with respect to nature. It has splendid mountains, a couple of highest mountain ranges, four seasons, agricultural land, and beautiful culture as well. People from all around the world came to see its beautiful Himalayan range, cultural heritage, a civilization like Mohenjodaro, Harrapa, and hill stations. Foreign tourists also found the people of this region very hospitable and helpful. Apart from this, northern areas have historical architecture, towers, scenery, and fortress. Following are three well-known hill stations in Pakistan are Murree, Ayubia, and Bhurban.


There are four popular resorts in Ayubia I,e. Khanspur, Changla Gali, Ghora Daka and Khairagali. All these four resorts are spread over 16 miles. Ayubia has a very modern restaurant, hotels, and other adjacent facilities. Tall royal pines are planted here and the scene is worth beholding. You can also witness wildlife like monkeys and bears. Because of the huge number of trees, you will also see different kinds of birds as well.


Murree is the second known hill station in Pakistan. As soon first snowfall started people from all around the country rushed to this place to enjoy the season snowfall. It is also known as Malika Kohsar, Queen of Pakistan’s hill stations. It is much bigger than other hill stations and has better living facilities as well. Because of adjoining cities like Islamabad, it has now fully developed down.


It is just 13 km away from Murree. The place is full of greenery, a colorful range of flowers, and some rare species. Because of the 4-star hotel PC Bhurban, it is the most visited place by showbiz personalities, business professionals, and politicians. It has a 9-hole golf course as well.

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Murree hill station is just one hour drive from Islamabad because now the roads are very good. So if you want to enjoy these beautiful locations, book your stay in Bella hotel, spend your day in these stations and come back well in time to the hotel.

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