Mithai - The Traditional Sweets of Pakistan

Mithai is one of the essential items of Pakistani meals and is a traditional or official desert in the subcontinent. Events like Ramzan, Eid, Marriage, anniversaries, and birthdays in Pakistan have always this special kind of sweet. In Punjab, it is part of the culture. People will always ask you “where is the Mithai” in case of any special occasion. There is not one specific region or country, which you can say is the origin of Mithai. There are different regions and countries that have different types of sweets.

The Word Mithai

Word Mithai is a broader term. There are many different types of sweet that came under this one word. One of the famous sweets among Mithai is Ghulab Jaman. In many countries, its synonym is Rose-Fruits. It has a round shape, made with milk, cream and soaked with sugar at the end. Word Ghulab Jaman came from the Persian language and originated in the sub-continent during Mughal rule. Whereas the word sweet is in the Arabic Culture.

Other than Ghulab Jaman, sweets that came from different cultures and are famous are Ras Gula, Barfi, Ladu, Cham Cham, Sohan Halwa, Gajjar Halwa, Suji ka Halwa, Habshi Halwa, Akhrot Halwa, etc.

On many occasions, Mithai send as a special gift apart from daily use. In Pakistan, there are a hundred shops that are famous all over the world and there is no match in quality and taste. Many Pakistani send special Mithai from here to their relatives living abroad. Famous sweet shops all over Pakistan are Jamil Sweets in Islamabad, Nirala sweets Lahore, Dhaka sweet in Karachi.

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