Image of Kabali pulao as the Best of Islamabad Cuisines

Whenever it comes down to cuisines, Islamabad has a lot of foodies. You can find all sorts of desi and continental cuisines here. You can relish a dish ‘Handi’ or Karahi, that gets its name from the earthenware pot with its origin dated back to the late 18th century of the Mughal period. Another dish is ‘Nihari’. It is a breakfast dish. Its name comes from the Arab word “nihar,” which means morning.

Kabali Pulao as a favorite Islamabad Cuisines

The ‘Kabali Palao’ is a dish that is from Pashtun-dominated areas in Western Pakistan. The meat dishes in Pakistan embody poultry and seafood dishes. The meat is of three cm cubes in size with in a stew. The pulao often comprises dried fruit, nuts, and complete spices corresponding to cloves, saffron, and cardamom.

The royal dish, Korma is one of the favorite cuisines in Pakistan. This slowly cooked delicacy is a must attempt for somebody who hasn’t tried it already. One cannot prevent himself from staying away from the delicious Pakistani dishes whether you are living in Pakistan or abroad. A typical Pakistani lunch consists of meat curry or shorba along with a carbohydrate corresponding to rice or roti. Daal chawal is another favorite one.

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