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In our blog post “Is it safe to travel to Islamabad?” we have accumulated some valuable insights to give you confidence about exploring this beautiful city. According to the international safety index, Islamabad is safer than Sydney, Amsterdam, London, and Paris. It is also the second safest city in the region. In the list, Islamabad is at 74th with the current index standing at 71.37 which is better than the previous year’s points of 67.12.

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A list from a global crowd-sourced database, named Numbeo considers a number of factors to rank cities included crime rate, living standard, quality, personal and environmental security, and safety index. It is the authentic source of information also back by the Business Recorder and Forbes. It has a good rating for the city.

Due to the diligent efforts of the Islamabad police, Islamabad’s status as the family station has been restored by the united nation. The city is a safe to place for UN national’s person to visit. Due to better security situation ranking with respect to the crime rate of Islamabad has also been improved compared to previous years. Previously it was 71.4 which is now standing at 28.6 from the list of cities 374. The city has ratings improved from 99 to 27 spots in the world of crime very impressive.

Making the capital a safe place no doubt Islamabad police played a key role. They further extended their service to make it safer for the tourist and residents.

A special unit of Islamabad police works as a counter-terrorism force to reduce crime. Motorbike patrol unit patrols the city to curb street crimes. Furthermore, special skill courses of 6000 officials ensure capacity building. Moreover, 174 officials have foreign training.

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The living situation and conditions in the city are no doubt is perfect as stamped by foreign reports. Tourism is on the rise. The city has the best lodging and accommodation services in Islamabad e.g. Bella which provides delicious food, secure and comfortable stay.

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