Fun facts about Islamabad

In our post for “interesting facts about Islamabad”, we will take a look at one of the most organized, modern, and cleaner cities compared to others in Pakistan. It is located in the northeast between Rawalpindi and Margallah hills national park. The city has different regions called sectors. It has eight districts comprising trade, education, industrial, etc. Each district has its own shopping and parks. Before Islamabad, Karachi was the capital. It was decided in 1960, to shift it to Islamabad.

Interesting facts about Islamabad: The need for shifting the capital

The idea of shifting was to amalgamate industrialization and tourism among many other cities. There were several other reasons for the development of the new city: Karachi was the weak point at the time of war with India from the sea and secondly, president Ayub khan want to develop the country equally. The city is surrounded by mountains contrary to Karachi. It is a safe place and much better in climate than Karachi.

Islamabad area is about 906.5 square kilometers and the people of the city can enjoy four different seasons. It is the most beautiful city in Pakistan with four different weather. In winter weather is much colder and summer is milder as compared to other cities. The city is less populated and contributes only 3% of the country’s GDP. People prefer shifting from different cities. The city is rich with cultural diversity too. Among interesting facts about Islamabad is that the city has many good places. The Pakistan house is the unique one. It has a three-story building and offers Rawal Dam and anticipating views of plain trees.

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The city has many other places, like Faisal Mosque, Damn e Koh, Pakistan Monument, etc. So if you have a plan to visit this beautiful modern city, then book a top hotel in Islamabad and enjoy your stay

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