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Let’s walk through the impact of Covid on Pakistan’s hotel industry. Hotel is a microeconomic activity depending upon the size from three staff members per hotel room to 200 room hotel. In the case of Bella hotel, Islamabad, the health and medical cost of staff members are very much looked after. Pakistan has gone through many economic downturns, from the Afghan-Soviet war to covid-19 and all have impacted the hotel industry very hard.

Lockdown during pandemic affects the hotel industry very badly. When officials and companies will not visit the hotels, hotel revenue will narrow down. When there will be no off-site and sale meeting, there will surely be no flights and so forth booking in hotels. Hotel restaurants, meetings, banquets and meeting facilities, gyms were completely restricted. All this affects the hotel revenue at the end of the day.

Some more impact of Covid on Pakistan’s hotel industry

Because of the shutdown of the manufacturing industry in Pakistan, export markets closed, which also negatively affect the hotel industry. Bella hotel has temporarily closed down but has not asked any of our employees to leave permanently. We paid our employees during the pandemic. To minimize the variable cost we asked our non-essential staff to stay at home and only essential staff called to maintain the cleanness of the hotel and ensure that they have no exposure to the coronavirus.

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Due to covid-19, similar to other sectors, the hotel industry also has to change the procedure with regards to guests and staff. Following are some areas we have put efforts: –

Vigorous cleaning of public touch areas

Protection of hotel staff members

Minimum staff interaction at gate

More checking of incoming people

Elimination of some guest contact points to minimize interaction

Removal of amenities in rooms to reduce touchpoints.

Realignment of meeting points to maintain social distancing

The hotels or guest houses clients are mostly from the business industry and we did our utmost effort to implement the contact protocols in true letter and spirit. We will continue our efforts to implement the international standards in the Pakistani environment. The hospitality industry is one of the few which actually implement Covid-19 SOPs correctly.

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