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While living in Islamabad, the question for a tourist is how to rent a room in Islamabad for accommodation and stay. There are many options available like newspaper advertisement, real estate agent and personal references. Many online real estate websites are available where you can shortlist the property according to your choice. The biggest problem you may face is irresponsible subletters and neighbors. The best way to overcome this is to deal with the owner of the house directly. Following the issue, you may face while searching the room.

The room may not be according to your standard despite having a cheap rate.

Or the room may be according to your choice but the rent is out of your range.

The use of internet search helps you to reach out to different listings on the sites. Before going into further details, first of all, you have to list down your requirement. This will ease your quest for how to rent a room in Islamabad for accommodation and stay?

What you are looking for, how many bedroom houses you required.

Which area, locality suits you.

You are looking for ground floor or first floor

Last but not least what is the budget.

Defining all these areas will help you to narrow down your research and be more focused. After weeding out the irrelevant listings, you need to go into further details available in the local guide. Opening the listing helps you to get the contact number, size, pictures, etc. These contact numbers will help you to reach out to the owner and you need to schedule a visit. After going through each physical visit, you jot down good and bad things about the accommodation. Making quick decisions in this field is very important.

Once you have selected the room/accommodation then most important thing is to ensure that you are dealing with the owner. The next step is to give some advance so that owner doesn’t make any further agreement with the next party. Signed a rent agreement on stamp paper covering a period, rent, interior of the house, and all other legal formalities.

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You can also book a hotel in Islamabad for a temporal stay for the above-said quest.

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