Hotel Stay in Islamabad Guidelines Image Infographic

Hotel businesses is on the lowest side for the last couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Now as the restrictions are no more, travelers start booking their rooms as summer approaches. Reading health prevention measures and guidelines for disease control is very important for travelers before booking a hotel whether for trips to Galiyat or any other necessity. Following are detailed hotel stay in Islamabad guidelines for the benefit of our beloved guests.

Hotel Response to Covid-19

The hotel industry has increased cleanliness protocol due to the recent covid-19 pandemic. Instructions are already in place and access is denied to some areas. Same they have updated their online platform so that travelers can read it before booking.

Hotel reopening plans vary. It required some effort to work out from their websites which hotels are open now and which are still not. Secondly, you also need to ponder the state where you are going whether requires a 14-day quarantine or not. Risk of spreading viral particles in the air increase when you allow housekeeping and guest to enter the room.

Capacity to consider a hotel stay in Islamabad

According to research, if the hotel size is small and breakfast locations are close then the chances of people close contact increase, and difficult to maintain six feet distances. Bella hotel Islamabad is very large in this context, rooms are spacious and properly furnished. Secondly, if your hotel is located in a popular area and guests came from all over the place that could add extra risk as well.

The large hotel room where each one has its own entrance and hallway is always good and recommended. Air pollution index matter only when you are closely adjusted. Similarly, if your entry exists are separate then close contact and elevator risk minimizes.

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