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There are beautiful prospects of hiking in Islamabad. It is the second most beautiful capital in the world-famous for its hill station, greenery, weather, beautiful hotels, etc. The Himalayan Mountains enhanced the beauty of the capital. Many cities in the world are artificially developed. Islamabad has beautiful mountains naturally. People from the country and around the world preferred to come and enjoy their vacations with family and friends. Different kinds of species traveled around the world in the Himalayan Mountains. City also has many hiking trails with lush green scenery which attract tourists around the country and around the world throughout the year.

Pakistan has all seasons. Ther are cold as well as and hot desserts, mighty mountains, eye-catching waterfalls, icy streams, and lush green meadows. The country’s capital developed with the passage of time and have many beautiful parks, safe hiking trails for camping, hotels, cinemas, zoo, lakes, etc for families’ enjoyment. The summer season is best for hiking in Islamabad, although people also go in winter for hiking to maintain their fitness level and natural exploration. Following are some best hiking trails in Islamabad to go:-

1. Trail 1 Islamabad

Trail No. 1 which started right from the front of National Defense University is considered as toughest compared to the other trails and leads you to the top of Pir Sohawa road. Three ridges come across while reaching the top destination, Pir Suhawa. One ridge goes towards the Talhar village, the second towards Sinyari Village, and the third to the Pir Suhawa. Apart from these three ridges, there are sub trails inside the main trail No1, which makes the hiking more adventurous. The trail is considered dangerous compared to others because recently leopard reported in this area, that’s why people preferred to use other trails.

2. Trail 3 Islamabad (The popular one for hiking in Islamabad)

The most popular hiking trail is trail 3. It is also one of the oldest trails which starts from sector F-6, from Margallah hills to Pir Sohawa. It is also the toughest for the hikers and after 30-50 hiking you reach the viewpoint. To reach the Pir Sohawa you need a further 50 minutes hiking after that hiker feels fresh air and smell of yummy food. Here you have the option to choose which restaurant for food monal and La Montana to satisfy your appetite.

3. Trail 6 Islamabad

Many people don’t know about this walking trails entrance. It is in the backside of Faisal Mosque and this trail is unique in its quality and also has tracked for motorbikes for adventurers. It has bird watching points to amuse visitors and after 2 hours of hiking, you reach the top of Pir Sohawa. Very few people go there because of its complex nature.

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