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Galiyat Pakistan has many spots full of natural beauty. Following are some which are worthy to watch.

Bara Gali

Bara Gali is a place twenty-five miles away from Murree and located at an altitude of 2350 meters above sea level. It is fifteen miles from the city of Abbottabad. In summer, Peshawar University arranges summer camps here for students because the temperature is very comfortable here because of the evergreen pine and cedar trees. These mountainous trees add further beauty to the area. It is also said by locals that during the British era, there was a British Army soldier barrack who spend summer here.

Changla Gali

It is located 2559 m above sea level. The place is a dream city for anyone and it is 16km north of Murree. The drive to this place for any driver is not less than a nightmare because of the narrow road along with up and down roundabout.

Charra Pani

It is a beautiful valley with a transparent and fast-flowing stream located about fifteen kilometers from Islamabad. Freshwater came from the mountains and it is usually very cold. It is a beautiful picnic spot for children and for adults as well. Most people took some break here not just to see the beauty of the place but the cooling of this spot as well.

Ghora Gali

It is the union council of Murree hill station located 1691 m above sea level. It is one of the beautiful places and the uniqueness of this spot is that it has a chairlift about eleven hundred feet long. Cadet College and Lawrence college are famous education institutions also here.

The Galiyat Pakistan also comprises Nathia Gali

Another beautiful place for tourists to enjoy in Galiyat Pakistan is the Nathia Gali. It is located at an altitude of 8200m and 80km from Islamabad. The weather in summer is very pleasant and receives almost daily rain. Nathia Galia hosts the bulk of tourists during the summer season. There are hotels with facilities there. In winter weather is very cold and places receive heavy snowfall during December and January.

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