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Let’s scroll us together some of the favorite channa chaat Places in Islamabad. Also known as papri chaat, it is a favorite South Asian street snack full of spicy and tangy. It is known with different names in different parts of the country. If you want to eat something healthy and at the same time light in weight then you could not find a better option than channa chat. It is very healthy because its ingredients are fully vegetarian and delicious because of mint, imli chatni, and basic sauces. There are many street vendors, shops and now restaurants have also added chana chat in their menu. But here we will list you some of the top places that offer the best chana chat in Islamabad.

Hyderabadi Chatkhara

As the name reflected offered the best street food in quality and taste. Although it has little structure, located in a very busy area F-10 Islamabad but offer the legendary gol gappay and channa chaat. On the menu, they have special BBQ, Chicken roll paratha, burgers, and takeaway as well. The price of one plate chat is very reasonable that is Rs. 120/-.

Chikachino: Another favorite among Channa Chaat Places in Islamabad

Chikachino is the only one that offers freshly-cooked street food around the clock. It has recently opened in F7 Markaz, Islamabad, and is widely known for tea but also famous for its special papri chat. It is famous because of its location and low-cost menu to enjoy with friends and family on weekends.

Rasheed Sweets House & Refreshment Center

Rasheed Sweets is one of the popular refreshment centers located in F-7 Islamabad. It has a very delicious and spicy channa chat and turnover plate. It is the hub of street food in F-7 Markaz.


Munchies who have introduced the concept of gol gappay and channa chaat in a more cleanly environment is one of the best places in Islamabad to satisfy food along with touring Pakistan. Initially, it was considered a slightly higher place but now you will disagree. There was a time when it was considered a slightly high-end place for the items it offers. Its menu included a variety of burgers, paratha rolls, chana chat, and sandwiches as well.

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