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There are many restaurants in Islamabad that offer quality food to foodies. People who love eating identify the places from where they get tasty food. There are plenty of choices between casual dining vs fine dining. Normally people think they are the same but after visiting many restaurants, we have concluded that they are not the same. The major difference between both lies in price and presentation. Here are some primary distinctions between fine dining and casual dining.

Price: The major differential between Casual Dining vs Fine Dining

The first major difference between the both is price. Casual dining is normally cheaper than fine. Although both offer quality and taste in food. Because of the fine-dining presentation, it looks more luxurious. Sitting place, chefs and crockery look more elegant. All luxurious hotel does not offer fine dining some casual hotel also looks elegant and can be luxurious. Casual dining offers a moderate meal in a casual atmosphere. Bella Hotel Islamabad offers you fine dining of various types desi, continental and oriental.


Setup in casual dining is adjustable according to the visitors. It is not permanent. Visitors can sit inside or outside according to the weather. Casual dining offer you to get an escape from a busy routine to a relaxing mode. There is no formal dress for waiters in casual dining compared to fine dining. In fine dining, the staff is well organized and restricted to their dress. Waiters are much attractive and pay attention to the quality services.


Both casual and fine dining has their own nuances. In casual dining, it always feels like home whereas in fine dining you need to think about kids and teenagers. Fine dining forces you to behave like educated and well-mannered. It makes you feel you are at a formal event.

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Both casual and fine dining both located relatively in a small space. Fine dining has restricted rules that everyone has to follow from chefs, servers, and guests. It is mostly an indoor arrangement. Casual dining has more space and can be the indoor and outdoor arrangements.

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