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Like other cities of Pakistan, there is also the best street food in Islamabad. People came all the way from Karachi to Lahore to enjoy the famous city food points and especially burgers. You will find people eating anything at any time throughout the day. That’s why the city has many restaurants, eating places, Café for breakfast, bakeries, home-based food outlets, and snacks points. Following we will tell you some of the best street food points in the capital city of Pakistan

Khoka Khola

It is located in F-6/1 Islamabad in the basement of Beverly Centre. As soon as you entered this small casual eatery your mood swings because of classical 1960’s and 1970 music with dimmed lightning. This place brings the old-school charm of khokhas famous for serving delicious street food. Khoka Khola offers the best local cuisine and their cheese naan with cheese oozing out is really famous. They give you the best desi taste in a homely manner.

Najeeb Spot

Najeeb spot is famous for its Afghani burgers in Islamabad. Their burger is special because everything is deep-fried stuffed within the bread and French fries are rolled up and of course with chatni & sauces inside the burger. From the outside, it is very difficult to tell which one you are eating. In the burger, they have beef, chicken and some meat menu. Afghani chatni that they have blended the masala with mayonnaise make their burger unique.

Burger Fest Among The Best Street Food in Islamabad

The next best street place for burger lovers in Islamabad is Burger Fest. Because of its loaded sauces and juicy patties, it catches your eyes and your sight craves it for you more. It has a very reasonable price inclusive with loaded fries. Burger fest offers you different categories of burgers like chicken Jalapeno, Wild Big Ben, and The Beast.

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